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financial empowerment
superior returns
the world's hedge-fund
Ticr lets you invest like sophisticated investors. We have a superb research and investment team that deploys strategies that yield returns greater than the S&P500.
invest in stocks with no minimums
sim screen
watch your money grow
Don't have sufficient time or resources to monitor your investments on regular basis? No problem, Ticr is built as a long-term investment vehicle. We encourage our investors to invest with a long-tern mindset.
value-driven investing
Invest according to your values. At Ticr we only invest in companies we believe they contribute positively to the world. Think companies that promote sustainability, women-empowerment, and peace.
invest in stocks with no minimums
build your financial knowledge
Ticr clients will receive top-notch market analysis on regular basis. Slowly you'll notice how much more finance-savvy you are with Ticr.

more than just investing

  • Easy to follow educational modules
  • Best-in-class support, in English and Arabic
  • Hedge-fund Returns

investing simplified

  • Modern and sleek design
  • Invest any amount
  • Premium Research
  • Learn on the go
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