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Our story

We built Ticr after noticing the barriers to entry investors face to invest in quality ESG investments that yield high-returns. Aly and Abdelazim decided to build ticr to empower people in the US to invest in high-yield ESG investment portfolio with the lowest barriers to entry. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the education, tools, and guidance needed to unlock their own financial opportunity.

Get to know the team


Aly Mady


MBA, MS in International Relations from The New School in New York, 12+ years in experience in finance including working in the MENA and the US. FINRA licensed broker and financial adviser. Outside work, Aly enjoys classical music, reading, and following the latest in finance.


Abdelazim ElToukhy


BS in Business Economics, MS in Business Analytics, Six Sigma Greenbelt, experience in data analytics, process improvement consulting, and digital marketing. Outside work, Abdelazim enjoys painting, reading, and learning the latest in public and economic policies.

Saikrishna Dasari

technology Advisor

MS, Sai has 20+ years of experience working for major global tech companies. His expertise spans software development, engineering management, and agile methodologies. Sai has worked managing highly performing tech teams with industry giants like Microsoft and T-Mobile.

Brad Sorensen

head of research

MS, MBA, 20+ years of experience in finance. He created and ran the Sector Research department at Charles Schwab. Brad has been quoted  in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine and Fortune. Also, appearing CNBC as a market expert.  

Advisory Board

Tatakazu Numata
UN Development Program
UN Capital Development Fund SmithKline, Consultant
Lecturer in Japan
Salalhaldin Hussein
Senior Director and Digital Accelerator at PwC.
12 Years of Experience in Consulting with Leading Wall Street Firms

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