Stocks to Watch — 06/18/21

Brad Sorensen
June 18, 2021

In the midst of an uptick in volatility in the overall market and new consternation about what the Fed may or may not do I thought it would be a good time to give a few more stocks to consider—and these have the added advantage of having pretty good dividend yields, which is often a nice kicker in a flat, choppy market.

TG: Tredegar Corporation: I wager you haven’t heard of this company but I would be you’ve had contact with them on a relatively frequent basis. The company makes protective packaging, such as the plastic that so many of our consumer products come in. Demand for those products is growing due to the strength in the consumer and the stock has had a pullback lately, which I think provides a good opportunity. Additionally, they’re part of the material sector, which is an are that had some momentum, until a recent pullback, but I think will reassert itself as a leader—and the 3%+ dividend doesn’t hurt either.

WMB: Williams Companies: This company is in the energy sector, which has been on a run lately and has good momentum which should help this name. They are an energy infrastructure company that is involved with natural gas extraction, oil pipelines and process and other energy-related projects. As the economies around the world reopen further the need for their services seems likely to expand, which should help to move the stock higher. And a dividend yield of close to 6% is a nice kicker.

FDX: Fedex: This is one that everyone knows and I have liked for quite a while. Delivery services are expanding and I would be you’ve seen at least one Fedex truck at some point today. They are doing a good job of controlling costs and product flows, while keeping up relatively well with the increased demand. It’s only June but the Christmas season is certainly on their minds and that could be the next big challenge for them. But I believe the management has learned lessons from the past and will handle the season well. This is more of a set it and almost forget it type stock that is a good core holding. The dividend yield is only 1% but I think it will grow in the future and is worth a look.As always-please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.


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