Will Netflix have Ads in the Future?

Abdelazim ElToukhy
January 6, 2021

Netflix has been one of NASDAQ's top-performing stocks in the past few years. With international expansion slowing down, will Netflix start selling ad slots to generate additional revenue? Netflix executives insist that the platform will never sell ad-placements in the same capacity as YouTube or Hulu. Nonetheless, a lot of experts have been arguing that it is likely that streaming services like Netflix will start selling ad placements in the form of product placements.

It is always fascinating to see the innovations in the Ad-Tech space, one of the disruptive companies that can help Netflix monetize their audience through product placement is Mirriad. It is an AI-powered Ad-Tech company that dynamically inserts products in TV shows/videos after content is produced.

Mirriad works with streaming companies similar to Netflix. They send the content to Mirriad, whose AI analyzes every scene to find the best time and place to show an ad in a very organic way without interrupting the user experience.
Experts speculate that content producers similar to Netflix will soon utilize product placement innovations to generate additional revenue once their subscription revenue stagnates. It will be very interesting to see how these technologies evolve over this decade.